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Cirtrus Leaves


Talking, meditating, moving, storytelling, drawing, crafting and playing are all possible ways of engaging with a healing process. Everyone is different, and whichever way feels most comfortable for you is the best way to start the process of moving forward. 

I am able to work with you to support feelings of 

Being stuck in a life you didn't choose

Being angry, hopeless, or feeling like life isn't fair

Suffering from physical pain, unable to recover

Being reliant on prescription drugs and wanting to explore alternative options

Finding it difficult to engage with life or make choices

Wanting to recover from difficult memories and life events

Being lost

Seeking a meaningful life

Seeking reconnection with a feeling of 'who you really are'

Wanting to create change in your life but not knowing where to start

Wanting to improve confidence and self-esteem 

Wanting to find a deeper or expanded sense of yourself through meditation

I am a fully HCPC registered Therapist, with a range of trainings. Please see the links above for more information about me or how we can work together.

Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registration no: AS12766
I am available for in person or online sessions.

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