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Physical Recovery
Physical Recovery Video

Have you had an injury, operation, decline in health, chronic or acute difficulty that you are struggling to overcome?  It can keep you awake at night, distract your thoughts and make you feel trapped.

The Western medical model often prescribes medication quickly for ongoing pain.  Yet I have learnt over the years that to trust the body's ability to self heal, and to learn techniques and exercises that help us to understand how the body responds to pain, how the system feels safe (and able to go into the resting state that is required for healing), can be far more essential in the long term goal of achieving a fulfilling and peaceful life physically and mentally.

It is not a quick fix.  Change in the nervous system takes time.  Yet it is possible to re-establish a balance between your body and soul/spirit/self - what ever language-word feels best for your knowing of your deep self.

We can work together using many different techniques I have learnt over the years, including talking, meditation, creative endeavours, movement and voice.  You choose what is right for you, and everything happens at a gentle pace, it evolves as and when you feel ready and able.

For more information on how and why it works please see the video on Physical Recovery.

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