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Meditation can be integrated into Therapy Sessions or I am able to offer Non-Dual Meditation Sessions with more emphasis on Meditation for self development, integration and growth.

Session Structure 

A session lasts for 1 hour and happen at the same time each week.

Sessions are confidential.

Sessions are currently taking place online over Zoom, I email you a link to the appointment. I have found Zoom to be very effective still allowing a feeling of connection and relationship.

What Happens in a Session

A session is structured in a similar way to a therapy session where you are free to talk about what is on your mind.  This is useful in helping to work through thoughts, feelings and sensations to understand the patterns of your concerns.  

We also work together with practices to bring awareness to sensations and experience that may be less obvious to immediate conscience processing of thoughts.  This helps to expand your experience and your sense of self.

Some practices I lead, others I teach you so you have an ongoing practice during the week before the next session.  This ongoing practice builds over time at a pace that feels right for you.


What is Non-Dual Meditation

In essence meditation is merely experiencing what is.

So why is it so hard to get started?

Because we have spent generations living what isn't!

We are programmed through experience to be anxious in certain situations, to feel we are not good enough, to feel societal pressure and shame. We have patterns of what it means to be a woman, a man, to belong, to not belong.  All these things not only carve up our societies, but also our deep feeling of whether or not we are going to be ok, whether or not we have the right to exist 'as we are', in every moment.  We often, unsurprisingly, don't feel that just to be ourselves, in naturalness, will be acceptable or ok at all.

So meditation takes us back - back to what is most essential in all of us, that which belongs because it is, not because it is trying to be anything else.  No success or failure.

There are many types of meditation, many aspects of looking for inner peace, love, fulfilment. Non-Dual Meditation is about recognising what is common in all of human experience, it doesn't leave anything out.


We feel shame, fear, love, physical pain, disgust, joy, care, fulfilment, peace, hatred, and on and on... none of these are wanting, none are bad, all are expressions of being human.  So how to experience being ok? It is to be ok with being human, and to realise that you have the resources to feel your experience without disappearing into it like a swamp creature either...  We all do that from time to time!

Yet when you have the techniques and the resources to feel yourself beyond the immediacy of a rising sensation and feeling, you are free, you are larger than it, you are able to see it all and still 'feel ok', still be connected outwards, still feel all the possibilities of what you are, the joy, love and pain, alongside one another and at peace.

Mind and Body

My experience is one where the mind and body are not separate.  The body is our channel of experience, we experience everything through our sensations, smell, hearing, taste, vision, and feelings - which arise also as physical sensations.  By involving the body in our practice we open up to the full experience of ourselves.

This approach not only enables a greater integration of ourselves but this is particularly useful in helping with physical pain and trauma where experience and memory is stored within the body.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of meditation further then I'm happy to meet you.


A session is £65.  I offer a limited number of reduced rates for those on benefits or in exceptional circumstances, this can be discussed in the initial session.

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