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Therapy is about exploring new ways of being in your life: things you are hoping for, or new possibilities when things feel difficult or hopeless.  
In the video opposite I talk about the different ways we can work together within the Therapy session.

Session Structure 

A session lasts for 1 hour and happens at the same time each week

Sessions are confidential

Sessions are currently taking place online over Zoom, I email you a link to the appointment. I have found Zoom to be very effective still allowing a feeling of connection and relationship.

In the first session I will ask you what brings you to therapy and a bit about your story.  We may explore this together in whatever way you choose, through talking or using creative media or meditation.  If you would like to explore different ways of working I can support you in this (sessions can evolve over time). If we decide to work together I will send you details by email of a contract - this is an agreement between us about session time, fees, confidentially and a few other practical details.

What Happens in the Session


I am present in the session to enable you to find the words or images that you need from within yourself. I ask questions, or bring attention to words or phrases that may be helpful for you to notice.  I help you to notice what is going on in your physical body, as a way of helping you to understand the process of your feelings and sensations, and if you choose to engage with meditation or creative media I can offer exercises or stories that may be supportive.  


All of this together helps to create a flow of feeling and information, some of which will be new, or indeed old and needing fresh air.  I am here as a support and sometimes guide on your journey, in which you are the one, ultimately, that knows the right direction.  Each individual soul knows its way home to itself, sometimes you just need someone to walk alongside you for a while to help remind you.

More About Creating Change

Through the experience of being heard, deep patterns of loss, grief, disappointment, and many other feelings, can emerge in a safe and contained environment. Through the relationship between therapist and client something new is able to come forward, be it trust, care, or other qualities. Bridges are formed between these new experiences and the individual's own past experiences, and things can begin to make more sense. Re-emerging parts of the self find a place to gently come forward, unthreatened, perhaps for the first time.  It can take time, yet the experience can be transformative, opening up new parts of the energy system (body and mind).  This new found available energy can be experienced as a new way of being, an opportunity for a better connection to who you really are in naturalness.  It can be deeply satisfying to feel more yourself, and be more at peace with who you are.  Joseph Campbell said:

'People are not looking for the meaning of life, but for the experience of living'

This experiencing is what we often shut down, usually because our life experience made it feel too unsafe. It takes trust and compassion to feel held and safe enough to open up these wounds to another, and be able to allow more freedom in the experiencing of our lives, without inner critics, shame or feelings of rejection.

Selecting a Therapist 

The process of finding a therapist can be both empowering and somewhat overwhelming. There are many different therapists to choose from and selecting the right one can take time. The first step is booking an initial consultation, the purpose of which is to give you an idea of me and of how we can work together. 


A session is £65 per hour.  I offer a limited number of reduced rates for those on benefits or in exceptional circumstances, this can be discussed in the initial session.

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